USE: "x" + fav animal

PW: fav fruit


all passwords/usernames are lowercase letters only. NO capital letters, spaces, symbols, or numbers are in either the username or the password. also nothing is plural (with an s on the end)

if u came from someother platform e.g. discord, ig, fedi, irc, etc  i make sure to put the use/pw whenever i link, so whatever it says in my most recent post (or the caption thereof) should be it, just copy/paste. if the post is super old it might not work. you can check for a more recent post, just wait until i post next for a fresh use/pw, or ask me.

ALSO.. it might ask you to log in again when u click into some of the directories within the site. idk why it does this u can just enter the same credentials to make it go away. i know its annoying sorry